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Meet our team of engineers, sound specialists and designers.

A small, yet incredibly creative team here at Noisemakers.

Charles Verron

Noisemakers founder and research engineer in signal processing, sound synthesis and 3D audio.

François Salmon

Noise Makers research engineer in sound field recording and virtual acoustics.

Mathieu Bébin

Noise Makers webmaster and interface designer.

Our history

Noise Makers develops audio technologies for post-production and virtual environments. They are used worldwide to power creative and industrial applications. They run on desktops, VR headsets, smartphones and embedded devices. Here is a short overview of the company achievements.

2014 - The beginnings

After completing his Ph.D. on Immersive Synthesis of Environmental Sounds, Charles starts the Noise Makers company, developing C++ libraries and tools for synthesis and spatialisation. The first plugin is ready to ship in November 2014 : Procedural Ambient Noise Orchestra (PANO) to create 3D audio textures (fire, wind, water…). A few months later, the binaural engine of PANO is released in a second plugin called Binauralizer. Sound designers can now apply binaural effects to their own sounds to create immersive soundscapes. Mathieu joins the team with its graphical talent. The plugins GUIs are completely redesigned and a new website is created.

2017 - New company and ambisonic plugins

Noise Makers becomes an official SAS company. R&D efforts are focussed on a new ambisonic plugin suite. First, an efficient ambisonic/binaural converter is released : Ambi Head. This plugin is selected by Sennheiser AMBEO to binauralize the sound of the VR Mic. It is soon followed by a panner, a limiter and a convolution reverb, leading to Ambi Bundle HD in 2018, the complete kit for creating 3D audio for 360 videos.

2019 - Collaborative VR projects

In addition to audio plugins, Noise Makers develops a binaural engine targeting virtual reality applications. It is first integrated in two VR experiences : The Immersive Opera (Rennes Opera House) and 3D Audio Map (Dassault Systèmes). The same year, a long-term and fruitful collaboration starts with Saint-Gobain to develop next-generation virtual acoustic environments.

2020 - Embedded technologies

Noise Makers binaural renderer becomes the heart of a new post-production plugin called Binauralizer Studio. It is optimized to run on embedded platforms (VR headsets, smartphones and low-power microcontrollers). The engine is selected by Radio France for the audio guide of l’Hôtel de la Marine in Paris to create a large-scale immersive museography experience.

2021 - Acoustic simulation

François joins the team after completing his Ph.D entitled “Control of spatial impressions in virtual acoustic environments”. His research focuses on room acoustic simulation (based on 3D mesh and material properties) and spatial sound recording.

2023 - Laval Virtual Award

Two more years of R&D and Noise Makers Virtual Acoustic technology reaches a new milestone. It is demonstrated at Laval Virtual 2023 in the Building Acoustics experience in collaboration with Saint-Gobain : users navigate in a virtual environment and discover the effects of room insulation and absorption. The engine features room acoustic simulation and real-time 6DoF binaural rendering for desktops and embedded VR headsets. It is honored by a LV Award in the Developper and Authoring Tools category. It is selected by Ecophon to compute several 3D audio experiences and integrated into Saint-Gobain XR platform.