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Ecophon Acoustic Experience






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Virtual Acoustics

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Ecophon Acoustic Experience

Available on the Ecophon website, this acoustic experience relies on a state-of-the-art physically-based auralization method developed by Noise Makers.

Spatial room impulse responses (SRIRs) are computed from a 3D mesh (representing the room) and acoustic materials (ISO 354 frequency-dependant absorption coefficients). An acoustic scenario is defined, involving multiple sound sources at different positions in the room. The simulation engine computes one SRIR per source-listener position for four acoustic conditions (no absorber, ceiling absorber only, wall absorber only, both ceiling and wall absorbers). Sound sources recorded in semi-anechoic conditions (without perceptible room effect) are then convolved by the SRIRs, producing a spatialized (binaural) sound scene for each condition.

This auralization method delivers a realistic 3D audio experience over headphones, revealing the perceptual properties of the acoustic materials.


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