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We have 2 types of licenses: full, and discounted.

You may apply for discounted licenses, if :

  • You are an individual, using NM software only for personal use, or
  • You are an individual or business using NM software commercially, and yearly gross revenue does not exceed EUR €20,000, or
  • You are an educational or non-profit organization.

This pricing policy was inspired by Cockos. If you fill one of the conditions above, use the coupon code “discount productname” when buying a Noise Makers product (remove quotes, and replace productname by the full product name without any space, e.g., discount ambibundlehd). It will result in approximately 30 to 50% discount (depending on the product). If you have several products in your cart, enter each coupon code successively.

Noise Makers licenses are not refundable nor transferable. If you own multiple computers, you may install the same license key on all of them (up to 9 installs). However, the license key is strictly restricted to one individual (i.e., you). For organizations (companies, universities…) special prices can apply depending on the number of requested licenses.

Any questions ? Please email