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Immersive Acoustic Experiences

The importance of acoustic comfort cannot be overstated, as the environment in which we live has a significant impact on our well-being. Whether it’s the clamor of an open office, a hospital corridor or the ambiance of a classroom, the quality of sound profoundly impacts our experiences. Recognizing this, Saint Gobain and Ecophon, leaders in acoustic ceilings and wall panels, have pioneered groundbreaking Virtual Reality (VR) experiences in collaboration with Noise Makers to facilitate the awareness and design of acoustic environments.

In these VR experiences, users can navigate through different virtual spaces, each meticulously crafted to represent a specific acoustic environment. By toggling between various acoustic treatments, users can witness firsthand how different materials impact sound quality, reverberation, and overall comfort.

Immersense : 6DOF rendering of complex acoustic scenes in VR headsets.

In order to create such acoustic experiences, Noise Makers has designed the Virtual Acoustic Mixer, an innovative authoring tool that allows to create immersive acoustic environments, providing a comprehensive solution for every stage of the design process. First, a dedicated Blender plugin allows to create acoustic scenarios. This plugin helps to define room geometry, sound source characteristics, listener positions and acoustic properties of materials. Based on these parameters, room impulse responses can be generated for several positions and acoustic treatments.  Our VST3 auralization plugin allows to load these impulse responses and edit and mix sound scenes in Reaper. By meticulously defining acoustic scenarios and computing accurate room impulse responses, the Virtual Acoustic Mixer empowers designers to craft immersive soundscapes that replicate different acoustic treatment of a given environment.

Virtual Acoustic plugin in Blender for editing scene geometry and materials.

Beyond its immersive capabilities, VR serves as a powerful tool for Saint-Gobain and Ecophon to promote their range of acoustic materials. By allowing customers to visualize and experience the benefits of their products in different contexts, Saint-Gobain and Ecophon empowers decision-makers to make informed choices about acoustic solutions. From high-performance sound-absorbing panels to innovative ceiling solutions, the VR experiences showcase the versatility and efficacy of their offerings.

With the combination of immersive experiences with advanced simulation capabilities, Saint Gobain and Ecophon not only enhance acoustic comfort but also sets a new standard for innovation in the field.

Noise Makers was thrilled to receive a Laval Virtual award for the Virtual Acoustic Mixer in the Authoring Tool category in 2023.
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