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Ambi Head HD is a professional plugin for converting ambisonic signals (ambiX up to order 3) into 3D binaural audio. It allows manipulations of 3D scenes (rotations and control of spatial width) and contains HRTF filters specifically designed for immersive listening and accurate reproduction.

Since v1.3, Ambi Head HD has a free add-on called Ambi Eyes. Ambi Eyes is a 360 video player, sending head rotations to Ambi Head HD in real-time. This allows to monitor monoscopic 360 videos while authoring the ambisonic mix.


  • 3D binaural rendering of ambiX (up to order 3)
  • Yaw Pitch Roll parameters for 3D rotations
  • Include AMBEO Neumann KU 100 HRTF
  • Include latest Youtube and FB 360 HRTF 
  • Compatibility with Ambi Eyes for 360 video monitoring
  • Spatial width control
  • SOFA importer for custom HRTF filters
  • Support long reverberant HRTF filters (up to 51200 samples)
  • Goniometer (Lissajous display of the binaural output)
  • Sampling frequency up to 192 kHz
  • Input : ambiX (up to order 3)

Three High Order Ambisonic (HOA) HRTFs are included in the plugin :

  • Sennheiser AMBEO, reproducing the legendary Neumann KU 100.
  • Google, to listen to ambisonic mixes exactly as they’ll sound in Youtube 360.
  • Facebook, to listen to ambisonic mixes exactly as they’ll sound in Facebook 360.

Custom HRTF filters can also be loaded via the integrated SOFA importer, for personalized binaural rendering.

An integrated Goniometer provides visual display of the binaural output (Lissajous display) giving insights into the scene spatial properties.

Ambisonics is a “scene-based” paradigm to capture, transform and render 3D audio. It is ideal for 360 videos and interactive media allowing listeners to rotate their head into the scene. If you never heard about it, a good introduction is available on Wikipedia. Free ambisonic wavfiles are also available (e.g.,

In practice, first-order Ambisonics is a 3D extension of mid/side stereo with additional height and depth channels. High Order Ambisonics futher extends the localization accuracy and immersion capabilities.

Ambi Head offers an efficient and accurate solution for binaural rendering of ambisonic scenes up to order 3 (16 audio channels).

For questions and troubleshooting, please visit Ambi Pan/Head FAQ.

Using Ambi Head in conjunction with the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic resulted in a stunningly realistic binaural recording, which worked very well on almost any pair of headphones I tried.

We are pleased to join the AMBEO for VR partnership program.

Noise Makers is a longstanding AMBEO partner for VR mixing plug-ins. Its Ambi Head binaural renderer allows monitoring Ambisonics audio in 3D and crafting the balance of the immersive audio mix over headphones. The Ambi Head plug-in offers an AMBEO option for the mixing engineer to monitor their VR mix binaurally with the spatial and timbre qualities inspired from another AMBEO recording tool, the Neumann KU 100 dummy head.

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Ambi Head has powerful capabilities to steer the audio with Pitch, Yaw and Roll controls (chin up/down, swivel side-to-side, tilt left and right), stereo width, the ability to load numerous binaural head profiles and even add back some of that bass that seems to get lost in the Ambisonic process. AmbiHead worked ideally and translated the Ambeo’s information into a 360-degree experience that was actually discernible over headphones.

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Ambi Pan from Noise Makers is a 3D panner for cinematic VR. It lets you create 3D positional audio in a minute, ready to embed in 360 videos.

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Noise Makers, the makers of Ambi Head have released this new plugin, which converts ambisonic B-format signals into 3D binaural audio. It allows manipulations of 3D scenes (rotations and control of spatial width) and contains features specifically designed for immersive listening.

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