Be prepared for original sound effects using Tape One !
Explore micro delay times (5 ms) exploding feedback gains (up to 110%) ping pong, filters, saturation…
Tape One offers a wide range of sound manipulations, from fast-forward / slow-down tape effects, to extreme comb filters and stereo echoes.


  • Time-varying delay algorithm, which naturally slows down or fast forwards the input signal
  • Feedback gain up to 110%
  • Stereo balance & pingpong effects
  • 4 delay ranges, from 5 ms to 3 sec
  • BPM sync mode
  • Low-pass & high-pass filters
  • Internal saturation
  • Stereo oscilloscope


Plugin for Mac OS X (10.6 or later) and Windows (7 or later, 64-bit or 32-bit).
Evaluation versions are full-featured, but produce intermittent silences and can not be used for commercial purposes. Please try and see what they can bring to your productions. If you like them, then support us and go to the store.