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Who needs another delay right ? I almost didn’t demo this but I’m glad I did. Tape One does old-time subtle sit-behind-the-vocal-just-right delay better than anything else I’ve got. Yes, I could get close to this with some standard delays, tape plug-ins, and filters. But Tape One works really well instantly to get that particular sound. The filters are excellent.

Tape One, in addition to loads of features, simply sounds amazing. I couldn’t make the thing sound bad; it adds a gorgeous vintage subtle sound to all inputs! It does classic vintage vocal tape delays to perfection.


We are pleased to join the AMBEO for VR partnership program.

Noise Makers is a longstanding AMBEO partner for VR mixing plug-ins. Its Ambi Head binaural renderer allows monitoring Ambisonics audio in 3D and crafting the balance of the immersive audio mix over headphones. The Ambi Head plug-in offers an AMBEO option for the mixing engineer to monitor their VR mix binaurally with the spatial and timbre qualities inspired from another AMBEO recording tool, the Neumann KU 100 dummy head.

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This is an incredible plugin for the price. Suitable for users of all genres, it can sort out all sorts of panning and stereo control needs.

At first I was a bit skeptic: how would a ‘foley synthesizer’ sound like, especially in surround…?  I was baffled from the start: this elegant piece of software is a huge time-saver for creating atmos-tracks or creating immersive surroundings where the elements are involved: wind, water, fire etc. can be wrapped around what’s happening on screen and adapted from fierce and piercing to intimate en subtle. I don’t know of any other plugin that does something similar. Great piece of kit (and affordable too!).

Binauralizer is easy to use, efficient, the interface is nice and the rendering is convincing, I recommend


Binauralizer has a really interesting interface with its X-Y pad. An indispensable plugin for my 3D audio classes !

The built-in presets sound great, with plenty of natural variations – great for layering with instruments or adding ambiance to the track, especially with the added spatialization options.

Once you move past it’s simplicity on the surface, you might well be surprised of how capable and useful PANO can be.

Think of winds and storm, rain, crackles, fire… add some loops such as insects, birds or perhaps some Walla, use the morpher to it’s full capacity and the missing atmos for a film or video project, for example,  can be taken care of very efficiently without having to wade through sound libraries in the eternal quest for the perfect sound.

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Noise Makers, the makers of Ambi Head have released this new plugin, which converts ambisonic B-format signals into 3D binaural audio. It allows manipulations of 3D scenes (rotations and control of spatial width) and contains features specifically designed for immersive listening.

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Ambi Pan from Noise Makers is a 3D panner for cinematic VR. It lets you create 3D positional audio in a minute, ready to embed in 360 videos.

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Ambi Head has powerful capabilities to steer the audio with Pitch, Yaw and Roll controls (chin up/down, swivel side-to-side, tilt left and right), stereo width, the ability to load numerous binaural head profiles and even add back some of that bass that seems to get lost in the Ambisonic process. AmbiHead worked ideally and translated the Ambeo’s information into a 360-degree experience that was actually discernible over headphones.

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Using Ambi Head in conjunction with the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic resulted in a stunningly realistic binaural recording, which worked very well on almost any pair of headphones I tried.

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