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Be prepared for original sound effects using Tape One !
Explore micro delay times (5 ms) exploding feedback gains (up to 110%) ping pong, filters, saturation…
Tape One offers a wide range of sound manipulations, from fast-forward / slow-down tape effects, to extreme comb filters and stereo echoes.


  • Time-varying delay algorithm, which naturally slows down or fast forwards the input signal
  • Feedback gain up to 110%
  • Stereo balance & pingpong effects
  • 4 delay ranges, from 5 ms to 3 sec
  • BPM sync mode
  • Low-pass & high-pass filters
  • Internal saturation
  • Stereo oscilloscope

Tape One, in addition to loads of features, simply sounds amazing. I couldn’t make the thing sound bad; it adds a gorgeous vintage subtle sound to all inputs! It does classic vintage vocal tape delays to perfection.


Who needs another delay right ? I almost didn’t demo this but I’m glad I did. Tape One does old-time subtle sit-behind-the-vocal-just-right delay better than anything else I’ve got. Yes, I could get close to this with some standard delays, tape plug-ins, and filters. But Tape One works really well instantly to get that particular sound. The filters are excellent.

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