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C.A.M.I.L.L.E – 2021

Carnav(oc)al des Animaux – Mise en Immersion Lyrique dans des Lieux Épatants
C.A.M.I.L.L.E is an augmented-reality experience inviting people to discover six creatures of the Carnaval des Animaux (from Camille Saint-Saëns) while walking into the city of Rennes. The experience is the fruit of a collaborative work with Mélisme(s), Artefacto and Opera de Rennes. Noise Makers designed the 3D audio engine of the iOS/Android application, allowing on-site dynamic rendering of 3D sound sources.

Partners : Mélisme(s), Artefacto and Opera de Rennes.

Acknowledgement : This project received support from Rennes Métropole in the context of the “Créativité croisée” call for projects.

Project page :

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