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Installation and Authorization

Ambi Pan/Head

There is the manual, and template projects provided here for Protools HD, Reaper and Logic Pro X. You’ll see that using the plugins is fairly simple. If you have issues, please check the other FAQ below, then feel free to email for more questions.

To export to Youtube, you need to

  1. export audio as a 4-channel ambiX WAV file
  2. glue that file to your video, add metadata and export to Youtube 

1) Since Youtube and Ambi Pan use the same ambiX format, step 1 is fairly straight forward.

In Protools, print Master Quad, then select the clip and press Cmd+Shift+K to export it. Choose the interleaved format.


In Logic, turn Ambi Head off in the Master Track, then bounce it to disk. Alternatively you can create a Quadraphonic bus, route your tracks to this bus and print it.


In Reaper, turn Ambi Head off in the Master track, then render it. Reaper also gives the possibility to directly render the video including the audio mix. Both rendering settings are shown below.


2) Second step is to glue the audio file to your video.
There are several resources available online about this part, like the comprehensive tutorial by Lidwine Hô and Hervé Dejardin. Basically you need to install ffmpeg, then open a terminal and enter :
ffmpeg -i -i AUDIO_IN.wav -c:v copy -c:a pcm_s24le -af “pan=4.0|c0=c0|c1=c1|c2=c2|c3=c3”

Then, tag as a 360 video file with spatial audio, following these guidelines to inject appropriate metadata.

Finally, upload to Youtube.

Yes. Ambi Head will convert your B-format recordings to binaural. Ambi Pan will let you add mono or stereo sources to the mix, e.g., spot microphones.

More details can be found in the AMBEO Blueprints edited by Sennheiser.

First, make sure to convert your recordings from A to B-format. This can be done with plugins usually provided by the microphone manufacturer. The output of these plugins may be FuMa or ambiX. If needed you can use our free Ambi Converter to convert FuMa to ambiX and vice-versa.

In Logic, the project must be set to Quadraphonic. This is done in the Project Settings, accessible in the menu File/Project Settings/Audio (see image below).

Then, when creating a new track for Ambi Pan, select Stereo or Mono Input, and Surround Output. For Ambi Head, select Surround Input and Stereo Output.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 14.05.58

Please try the template for Logic available here, it’ll give you a simple routing example. Other templates are provided for Reaper and Protools HD.



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