Beside making our own plugins, we propose custom research and development services.

Our clients and partners range from individual musicians to major industrial companies.

Feel free to contact services@noisemakers.fr to discuss new projects.

Noise Makers has extensive knowledge of digital signal processing, and ten years of experience in:

3D audio
– Binaural technologies
– Ambisonics (encoding, decoding, virtualisation)
– VBAP and other vector-based panning methods
– Multichannel processing

Procedural audio
– Physically-based synthesis
– Real-time environmental sound models
– Granular, wavetable, FM, additive, FFT-1 and other synthesis techniques

– Audio plugins
– C/C++
– Juce framework
– Core audio drivers
– Windows and Mac applications
– Game engines

Contact services@noisemakers.fr if you have projects and wish to discuss partnerships and/or externalization.