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Procedural Ambient Noise Orchestra (PANO) is a real-time multichannel Foley synthesizer.
This unique virtual instrument offers interactive controls to liquid, fire, wind, and all kind of spatialized sound textures.

Pano Player is the plugin version of PANO (VST, AU, AAX). Plug it in your favorite DAW as a virtual instrument and instantly add dynamics, naturalness and infinite variations to your soundscapes and Foley effects.

Foley Synthesizer Audio Plugin
Foley Synthesizer Audio Plugin
Foley Synthesizer Audio Plugin
Foley Synthesizer Audio Plugin


  • Dynamic morphing PAD
  • Spatialization and width control
  • Binaural and multichannel outputs (up to 7.1)
  • Parameter automation
  • Included liquid, wind and fire presets
  • Reading presets made with PanoComposer

PanoComposer is the standalone version of PANO that gives access to all PANO parameters (granular synthesis, subtractive synthesis, loops) and allows to create presets for PanoPlayer.


  • Two granular synthesisers (with predefined grains, drops, bubbles, cracks…)
  • 32-subband additive noise synthesis
  • 4 filters (subtractive noise synthesis)
  • 4 loopers for loading custom wavfiles
  • Dynamic morphing PAD editor
Foley Synthesizer
Foley Synthesizer Audio Plugin
Foley Synthesizer Audio Plugin

The built-in presets sound great, with plenty of natural variations – great for layering with instruments or adding ambiance to the track, especially with the added spatialization options.

Once you move past it’s simplicity on the surface, you might well be surprised of how capable and useful PANO can be.

Think of winds and storm, rain, crackles, fire… add some loops such as insects, birds or perhaps some Walla, use the morpher to it’s full capacity and the missing atmos for a film or video project, for example,  can be taken care of very efficiently without having to wade through sound libraries in the eternal quest for the perfect sound.

Read the full review on Pro Tools Expert

At first I was a bit skeptic: how would a ‘foley synthesizer’ sound like, especially in surround…?  I was baffled from the start: this elegant piece of software is a huge time-saver for creating atmos-tracks or creating immersive surroundings where the elements are involved: wind, water, fire etc. can be wrapped around what’s happening on screen and adapted from fierce and piercing to intimate en subtle. I don’t know of any other plugin that does something similar. Great piece of kit (and affordable too!).

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